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Cost of Education in Australia

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Cost of Education in Australia

Australia remains the perfect place to receive quality education as also exceptional standard of living.

The country imparts added for every dollar you spend, with living costs like rent and tuition fees comparable to the US and UK. You are also free to earn money by working at part-time jobs of up to 80 hours per month, while you are engaged in studying. However, this is not to be considered as your sole source of income.

Visa requirements

To get a student visa, all that you need to show that you have sufficient money to pay for your cost of education, living expenses, as also travel for the duration of your studies. Visa conditions do not let you pay all your expenses solely from a part-time job.

OSHC or Overseas Student Health Cover

You should avail yourself of insurance named Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC, as long as your student visa remains valid. You are also responsible for property and accident insurance. It is highly recommended that you buy travel insurance prior to leaving your country to cover for any potential lost baggage, cancellation of flight tickets or repatriation.