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Cost of studying in Britain

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Cost of studying in Britain

Short term courses

Courses under the British educational system are not only shorter but also much more intensive than that of several other countries, so that you can graduate earlier without in any way compromising on quality. Thus you are saved a lot of money in living costs and tuition fees.
Course fees generally include sports, library access, student union membership, and many other practical facilities. This may not be the case in other countries as you might have to pay for these facilities also.

Part-time jobs

If you arrive in the UK with a Tier 4 student visa, you can work a specific number of hours a week during your term time as also in the period of holidays and vacations. However, if you enter the UK with a student-visitor visa, child-visitor visa, or prospective student visa, you cannot find work there. For further information on this visit the UKBA website.

Access to discounts

If you are a full-time student pursuing higher education, you can get access to a NUSA or National Union of Students card that offers you a series of discounts on things like study essentials, entertainment, travel, clothes, shopping, food & drink, and more. Student railway and long distance bus cards can bring you excellent discounts.