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Cost of studying in the USA

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Cost of studying in the USA

In USA, college or university costs vary from one institution to another. Living costs and accommodation depend on the student’s personal lifestyle. Tuition remains the most costly part of educational costs. The cost of tuition can be anywhere between USD10, 000 to USD55, 000 per year.


Cost of accommodation depends on factors like your own personal preference, as also the city you where you live. For instance, living on campus generally cost more than living off campus. Undergraduate or bachelor degree students studying in certain universities might be required to live on campus during the first year of study and this can greatly increase their living costs. Living alone or sharing accommodation with friends can also affect living costs.

On the whole, cost of accommodation ranges from USD3000 to USD8, 000 a year. In case plant to rent an apartment, you will have to pay for additional costs like furniture, electricity, phone, and transport from and to the university.


Many campuses provide low-cost meal plans for their students to let them dine in the on-campus eateries.  Such plans are available at various to suit individual budgets.  Campuses might also require their students to pay medical insurance in order to let them to make use of medical facilities on-campus for medical check-ups, basic tests and prescriptions for the common illnesses like fever, cold, head ache etc. This insurance comes to below USD1, 000 a year.


Other costs are fees for various student activities that come to a few hundred dollars a year as also reference books that can range from $500 to $1,500 a year.