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Getting IELTS Results

Getting IELTS Results

Posted on 7 years ago

Test Report Form

The Test Report Form is usually posted to the candidate 13 days after the test, by the test centre from where you took the test.
You will receive one copy of the Test Report Form, except in case you are going to apply for CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), or UKBA or United Kingdom Border Agency. In such cases, you will receive two copies. However to get the two copies, you must produce the proof of application to CIC and UKBA.
If you want copies of your Test Report Form will be automatically sent to any five institutions of your choice free of charge. This will help in the streamlining of your application process. If you need extra copies, you will have to pay a small sum as administration charges.
It is important to note that since your Test Report Form is an important and valuable document, you should keep it safely and securely, as it can never be replaced.

Your Test Report Form includes:

  • Your score, with a Band Scale ranging from 1 to 9, for every section of your test: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking)
  • Your Overall Band Score, on a scale ranging from 1 to 9
  • The fact that you have undergone IELTS Academic or General Training
  • Your candidate photo, details of nationality, first language and also your date of birth.

The Test Report Forms remain valid for a period of two years. They contain inherent security measures and so cannot be copied. Receiving Institutions who receive your Test Report Forms can access a database to verify your results.


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