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About Cambridge English Exams

About Cambridge English Exams

Posted on 7 years ago

ZodEDU Cambridge English exams Preparation course

ZodEDU Intensive Cambridge English Exam Preparation course has its focus on the development of your language skills, before taking tests such as KET, FCE, PET, CPE and CAE.

Cambridge English exams are one the most prestigious English tests in the world and passing them give you an entry into things that many try, but few achieve.

About Cambridge English exams

Cambridge English language assessments which is a division of the world famous University of Cambridge provides you with the world’s most prestigious series of courses for learners of English. These courses are custom designed to meet their diverse abilities and needs. The certificates awarded for these courses range from basic exams for all those who are beginning to learn English, to fully advanced certificates for candidates who have achieved high levels of fluency.

Cambridge English exams are so popular that they are taken by more than 3 million people in 130 countries worldwide. These certificates come handy when you want to gain admission to the many colleges and universities, improve employment prospects or assess their progress in mastering the English language. No less than 12,000 universities, government bodies, and employers around the world approve Cambridge English qualifications.



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