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Personal Interview

Personal Interview

Posted on 7 years ago

Personal Interview (20 hrs)

ZodEDU is happy to present The Complete Personal Interview Training module. Personal interviews are conducted by people from various departments in an organization such as HR Head, Technical Head etc. This generally is the final round of the interview process. However, this can be extended to Round 4 as also Round 5, according to the requirements at hand, and also for the added satisfaction of the organization.
ZodEDU Personal Interview Training Module imparts excellent training to individuals on the following Questioning Parameters:

1) Motivation to join a particular company: Questions that are generally asked are:

Why do you want to join this organization?
How do you think you fit into this position?
How would you rate this particular job compared to other industries?

2) Assessing confidence levels: Question that is generally asked is:

How do you think you can contribute to this organization?
How do you look at yourself, say in 3 years, 5 years and 10 years from now?
Why don’t you want to study further?

3) The Ability to take decisions: Questions that are generally asked are:

A customer becomes angry because none had bothered to solve his problems, in spite of the many assurances. How would you handle such as situation?
A woman customer wrangles with you to get a discount. How would you handle this call?

4) Ability to work as part of a team: Questions that are usually asked are:

How would you describe yourself?
When do you perform at your best! When you are acting alone, have the support of the company staff around you?
How would you rate your achievements in your life?
Would you give credit for your achievements to someone else in your life?

5) Customer Orientation Questions that generally could be asked are:

How would you manage a customer who has failed to pay his dues for the past few months?
How would you make such a customer to commit?

6) Attitude Questions that are customarily asked:

How do you see your future shaping up in this company?
The one-on-one interview can very well be the acid test of the eligibility of candidates. This would successfully clear the way for them and ensure them a sure berth them in the particular industry. Lastly, they would be required to furnish a minimum of two good references that can vouch for you.


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