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PET (Preliminary English Test)

PET (Preliminary English Test)

Posted on 7 years ago

Difficulty level: B1, Low intermediate
The Preliminary English Test is part of the ESOL exams from Cambridge.

Who needs this course?

If your knowledge of English is of an intermediate level, you can take this test. By maintaining this level of English, you can enjoy your holidays in any of the English speaking countries. And don’t stop once you pass the PET, you can go on to the next level and increase your proficiency in the English language.

What is the PET test like?

The test comes in three sections:

  1. Reading and Writing taken together, time 90 minutes
  2. Listening: 30 minutes
  3. Speaking: Interview, 10 minutes

There are two versions of the PET test:

  1. PET
  2. PET for Schools

These two versions ask the same kind of questions. The KET for schools test includes content that is of high interest for learners of school-age.

Exams, paper-based or computer-based:

You can take your PET exam either on paper or a computer. While the computer-based exam is conducted once in a month, the paper-based exam is available only for six times per year.
“Pass”, “Pass With Merit”, “Narrow Fail”, or “Fail”


B1/ Alte 2/ Low Intermediate:

Where shall I take the test?

At ZodEDU.
ZodEDU imparts efficient coaching for the preparatory courses. You can take this test in Manjeri, Malappuram Dt., Kerala. Candidates are offered flexibility in timing and can customize their test preparation according to their needs and convenience. For further details call us today itself, to train for and pass this internationally acceptable test.

How much does it cost to take PET?

The test centres set the fees. Expect to pay around


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