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Study in Australia

Study in Australia

Posted on 7 years ago

Why should study in Australia?

Australia hosts nearly one third of all the number of overseas students in the world, behind
only USA and the UK. This is not at all surprising when we consider the significant fact the country as a whole boasts of no less than eight of the top 100 universities on earth. Since it is a relatively new country speaking historically, Australia is extremely modern in its outlook, enjoys a highly educated culture as also an insatiable thirst for research and knowledge. The country has made its own contributions to science and technology with its own remarkable discoveries, high quality educational potential, and also international collaboration. Australia is also conveniently located close to Asia, a region that is developing very fast and as such close to most important economic centers of the world.

Whenever we think of Australia, we think of koalas, kangaroos, green pastures, and pure air and water. But, this fine country has more to offer than these such as its affable, laid-back nature, outstanding educational system as also high standards of living, rendering it a veritable hot spot for all international students. Australia is also a country of golden opportunities for your career, with fresh culture and sense of adventure. These the many reasons why students from around the world to opt for an education in Australia.

The following is the highlights of studying in Australia:

Internationally Accepted Degrees

Employers as well as universities around the world readily accept Australian degrees as also various other certificates. Graduates from Australian universities can easily find jobs and gain prominent positions around the world.

Cost of Living

The cost of living and tuition remain comparatively less in Australia than that of the UK and US. However, cost of living in Australia is very high as compared to the UK and US. Also, a wide series of scholarships are available that can help you considerably to reduce the cost of studying in universities in Australia.

Wider Range of Courses

Australian institutes and universities provide a plethora of courses as well as grant degrees so that international students are able to find the institution and course that suits them best. They can choose from a wide range of colleges, universities, premier institutes, vocational education centers, and mastering the English language.

Australian Universities & Advanced Technology

Australia offers scientific research programs of the highest quality to its international students. And all those who study at educational institutions in Australia are free to avail themselves of all this impressive technology as also research resources.

Work permit

Another positive factor that is helpful to international students in Australia is that they can work for 80 hours per month, thus letting them earn money, as well as gain some handy work experience. This will help them to reduce their expenses considerably in a foreign country and can meet people from all walks of life in Australia. Apart from this, several scholarships also are made available to international students.

Safe and Multicultural Environment:

Australia is a safe and friendly country, with a harmonious and sophisticated society in which foreign students can learn as well as travel. People from around the world live in the country and the international students become an important part of this multicultural environment as also cultural activities.


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