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Study in the UK

Study in the UK

Posted on 7 years ago

1000s of international students prefer to study in the UK because they are aware of the quality as well as reputation of a British education; they are also attracted by the fact that a British qualification is considered prestigious all over the world.

Why should you study in the UK?

The UK boasts of a proud and historical tradition in education, with many of its universities having founded as early as the 12th and 13th centuries.
British academic standards are considered to be the finest in the world.

And the country offers a flexible as well as diverse choice of courses in institutions that are globally ranked.
British universities are closely monitored to ensure that they maintain the highest standards of learning, teaching, and research. These institutions do all they can to establish a safe, caring as also supportive environment for all their international students.

Quality institutions

The quality of all colleges and universities in the UK is evaluated by the QAA or Quality Assurance Agency. As to research standards, they are examined by the four higher education funding bodies of the country, and publish their findings once every five years.
Also Britain boasts of the second highest figure of universities that come in the top 100 universities by the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2013-2014

Links to Europe

The UK is the perfect base from where you can explore the culture and history of all of Europe. Low-cost flights are available from British airports and students from several countries can apply for a Schengen visa of the European Union to take short trips around 24 countries in Europe with a British visa.


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