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Employment prospects in Canada

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Employment prospects in Canada

Employment prospects in Canada

In Canada, international students can have work rights, while pursuing studies in Canada and upon completing a diploma or degree.

Canada Recently, the country declared new regulations meant for international students. Beginning with June, 2014, students need not apply for a separate work visa to do off-campus work, and can begin working when their program for study begins.
Canada offers wide-ranging career and work opportunities for every type of students. Many Canadian institutions provide a program of co-operative education. As per this structured program students can alternate between periods of study and work. Such as an integrated curriculum is made possible by means of a partnership that is between the industry and educational institutions.

After graduation

International graduates hailing from institutions of higher education in Canada can work in Canada for up to three years following the completion of their program.
If you plan to work in this country after graduation, you have to apply for a work-permit under the PGWPP or Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. And if you feel like living in Canada after the completion of your studies as a permanent resident, several programs are available, with their own requirements.