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Employment prospects in the UK

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Employment prospects in the UK

Studying in a British university, you will have every opportunity to develop the necessary workplace skills as well your capacity to think independently, that will considerably enhance your chances of gaining good employment.

Another advantage of studying in a university in UK is that the English language is the official language of international business, science as well as technology. Living and studying in the UK, home of the English language, you have a chance to be submerged in English and thus get the opportunity to improve well your own communication skills, although this needs constant practice and of course hard work.


During your studies

You have a choice of working part-time, be a volunteer or finish a work placement or a sandwich course while you are in the UK, gaining you precious work-based experience that can bring an extra edge to your resume and create if efficiently.

Most colleges and universities in the country have a committed career centre and can advise you on every aspect of getting a job during as also after your studies. For further information on this visit www.educationuk.org