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Engineering, Masters Program & IT courses in USA

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Engineering, Masters Program & IT courses in USA

Engineering course in USA

Engineering is the very basis of many complex global challenges, such as medicine, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, food safety communication, environment etc. So, engineering programs in America remain both cross and multi disciplinary and as such have become important for training the future generations of engineers. Thus engineering education consists of academic training as well as practical education. In USA, major corporations help provide many students with hands-on experience during their graduate and post graduate programs. Universities that offer engineering courses do it in two separate tracks such as professional as well as academic; while the professional track prepares the student for non- thesis track professional arena, while the academic track is research- thesis oriented. The cost of tuition the usual engineering programs come between USD18, 000 and USD60, 000. The undergraduate programs are for a period of four years while the post graduate is for two years. An important feature of American higher education is that a student has the opportunity to be qualified for CPT or Curriculum Practical Training) and OPT or Optional Practical Training. On completion of the academic program, a student can work full time for one year, while students opting for STEM programs such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths can work for 29 months.

Masters Program in USA

Post Graduate education in America is pursued after the successful completion of a bachelor’s degree. Masters and PhD programs are provided mainly by research institutes and universities. Some such institutions, being small, may offer degrees only in a few fields of study, whereas larger institutions offer degrees in various fields. Such programs can be thesis, or non-thesis based, and also a combination of the two. Usually, a Master’s program can be completed successfully within a year or two of full time study. MA, Master of Arts, and MS Master of Science degrees are usually awarded for traditional arts, humanities, and sciences disciplines. An MS degree is offered technical fields mostly, like engineering, business, and education. Students intending to advance their studies even more in a particular field can follow a more specialized degree, like a doctorate degree, called PhD, and duration of this program can be anywhere between 3 – 6 years to finish.

IT courses in USA

There are around 400 American universities providing Information Technology courses, in the form of both bachelor’s and master’s level. For the bachelor’s, the duration is 4 years and master’s, two years. The course consists of information systems, Computer hardware and software, network services, computer graphics and gaming etc. The courses are both practical and theoretical based.