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IELTS Listening

Listening ( 30 minutes )

You will be asked to listen to four pre-recorded tests, comprising of conversations and monologues by a series of native speakers, as also answer the series of questions that follow.
These can include questions designed to test your ability to understand the principal ideas, exhaustive factual information, the attitudes and opinions of the speakers, the intention of an utterance, and the development of ideas.
You come across several voices and accents by native English speakers and are used in every section, but you can hear them only once, and no repetition.

Section 1

A conversation that involves two people, set in a day to day social context.

Section 2

A monologue that is set in a day to day social context e.g. a talk on facilities available locally

Section 3

A conversation that can involve up to four people and is set in a training or educational context, e.g. a university teacher and student discussing an assignment.

Section 4

A monologue about an academic subject e.g. a classroom lecture.