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IELTS Speaking

Speaking (11 to 14 minutes)

The Speaking component evaluates your grasp in spoken English; it takes 11 to 14 minutes to finish. Each test is duly recorded. The Speaking component does not allow you to prepare and rehearse set responses in advance.

Part 1

In this part you are asked general questions about yourself, as also a series of familiar topics, like home, family, studies, work, interests and hobbies. This part takes 4 to 5 minutes to complete.

Part 2

In this part, a candidate is given a card that asks him/her to talk about a chosen topic. The candidate has just one minute to prepare and then speak for two minutes. After the examiner will ask a few questions on the topic in question and this part comes to an end.

Part 3

In this part, there will more questions asked related to the subject in Part 2. Such questions are meant to give you the chance to discuss more abstract issues and ideas. This portion of the test can last for 4-5 minutes.