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Posted on 6 years ago

My dear Friends, As a part of "Campus to Corporate training program " The top 10 Secrets of Success for an Ex...

Posted on 4 years ago

ZodEDU is recognized by IDP Australia for promoting IELTS and taking initiative to organize IELTS orientation Programme for the fi...

Posted on 1 year ago

ZodEDU conducts ETS TOEIC Exams the first time in India

Posted on 9 years ago

IDP-Australia has awarded ZodEDU for '' Excellence Performance as a Business partner in Kerala" We recived this award during the A...

Posted on 3 years ago

ZodEDU conducts Gets Seminar in association with ZOD Finishing School on 7th November 2017

Posted on 1 year ago

IELTS Master class Seminar is held at GEMS Arts and Sceience College Mankada by team ZodEDU