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USA: Employment prospects

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USA: Employment prospects

American universities have options to work part-time on the campus, during the first year of your study.
You can seek opportunities for getting sponsorship to continue your studies too.

International students studying in USA are able to work in any job on-campus for around 20 hours per week. A lot of students discover that they can spend their time better for going for internships/practical training, as it let them work to get university credits by doing a job, related to their particular course. Almost every university, whether located in big cities or not, have employees devoted to serving students to find secure internships. All American universities provide extra-curricular activities also that offer on hand work experience.

Another choice that attracts many students is broadening their own study experience by means of semester or summertime studies overseas as also student exchange programs, provided by several universities and providers of outside-study. After graduation, all students with an F-1 visa can seek OPT or Optional Practical Training that lets them work in their preferred field for 1-2 years following the completion of their studies.

Some American companies might sponsor students for the H1-B Temporary Worker Visa that lets them go on living in America so long as they are employed at that company. Many American institutions maintain a career services department that are staffed with professionals who help students with preparing their résumé, teaching them job-interview skills, as also helping them in finding fresh job opportunities.