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Visa requirements

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Visa requirements

To get a student visa, all that you need to show that you have sufficient money to pay for your cost of education, living expenses, as also travel for the duration of your studies. Visa conditions do not let you pay all your expenses solely from a part-time job.

To get your student visa also need the following
  1. Offer letter: The NZQA OR the New Zealand Qualifications Authority provide offer letter to all international students, and it lists the minimum course duration, course fees as also if the fees are to be paid at foreign or domestic rates.
  2. Guarantee of Stay (for those students who are aged under18 years): A written document from a person or institution that tells that the student has arranged suitable accommodation in New Zealand.
  3. Health and medical requirements: Forthose who wish to live in New Zealand for more than six months, you require to be tested for tuberculosis. If the stay is longer, medical as well as X-ray certificates should be provided.
  4. Work plans: If you propose to work following your studies in the country, your ZodEDU counsellor can provide basic guidance on the available visa options, but for assistance you should contact a migration agent.
  5. Proof of English: A prescribed IELTS score is necessary to demonstrate your competency in the English language before applying for a student visa.